Rich Davis Enterprises, Inc. started in business in 1983 hauling freight as agents for White Star Trucking, followed by Rite-Way Trucking and then LaFond Express. On October 14, 1987, the company became incorporated, at which time they still continued to haul freight as an agent. The Company began business with one straight truck, meaning one combined tractor and trailer, hauling freight primarily for L.P.I. in Shipshawanna, IN, Midway Products in Monroe, MI, and Copperweld in Shelby, Ohio. Most of the freight was trip-leased in which drivers who own and operate their own equipment, were contracted to move the freight. It had (3) regular employees and grossed $500,000 in its first year. In December of 1989, Rich Davis Enterprises, Inc. applied for Common Carrier Transportation Authority, which would allow business to be conducted as for-hire truck transportation to the general public without a contract. In the same year, the company filed for ICC authority which then gave the ability to transport freight under its own name. Authority was granted on January 29, 1990. At that time, Rich Davis was the President and Vice-President of the company, and Karen Davis was the Treasurer and Secretary. On May 14, 1990, Rich Davis Enterprises, Inc. was granted their own Contract Carrier Authority, which allowed them the capacity to provide for-hire truck transportation to specific individual shippers based on contracts. The company held contracts primarily with Harper Steel, Steel Technologies, and Castle Steel. As the company grew, and a customer base was established, the company applied for Broker Authority, and was granted that authority on September 24, 1991. This now gave them the ability to arrange, or offer to arrange, transportation of property by an authorized motor carrier, on behalf of a motor carrier, consignor, or consignee. In the beginning of 1992, the company owned (5) trucks and an additional (15) trucks were leased, meaning the leased trucks are owned and operated by the drivers but the freight is hauled under the authority of Rich Davis Enterprises. At that time, the company grossed 2.5 million dollars that calendar year. The company was granted Intrastate Motor Carrier Certificate, February 7, 1995, at which time their US DOT # was issued. This certificate was necessary for commercial motor vehicles traveling exclusively in the state of Michigan. The company was growing and thriving, and in August 1997, an office building located at 4831 Wyoming Street, Dearborn, MI, was purchased to serve as the main billing facility. Unexpectedly on October 3, 1997, Richard Eugene Davis passed away. Upon his death, Karen Davis became the sole Shareholder and President of the Corporation. In 1998, Gary Wells was hired in as Operations Manager to start up the van division which primarily transported auto parts for Ford Motor Company, General Motors, Toyota, and Chrysler. At the start of this expansion, the company leased (30) 53’ dry van trailers, and over the next five years, had approximately (35) owner/operators leased to them. This number also included the flat-bed truck division which primarily hauled steel. With the success of the van division, Rich Davis Enterprises decided to purchase (13) 53’ dry van trailers. Unfortunately, due to the decline of the auto industry, changes in the economy,n 2008, the billing and the dispatch office were consolidated. Currently the company owns (8) 53’ dry van trailers, has (28) owner/operators in operation. Rich Davis Enterprises is a company with strong core values and has overcome many obstacles and challenges over our history. Through all this adversity, we continue to make great strides and provide quality transportation services in the competitive trucking industry.


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